Selection of the Project Management tool (PPM) for a service company in the technology sector.

Our client is a services company in the technology sector, with a variety of business lines and offices, in the process of growth.


The objective of the project was to select the appropriate Project Management tool (PPM) for the typology, size and number of existing and planned waterfall projects within the operations area.

The project requirements called for the selection of the best Project Management tool adapted to the requirements and typology of the client’s Operations projects, with an appropriate time-to-market. In turn, the tool had to allow, among other things, the sharing and visibility of resources, allow access from the web, and have a user-friendly graphical environment through Gantts, workfows and integration with the office automation cloud.

At Kiteris, we had to understand and match the client’s needs to the features and prices of each product, in order to minimise the investment by selecting the tool based on all the existing explicit and non-explicit requirements and, in this way, obtain better results and predictability of the costs and deadlines of the different projects.

At Kiteris we provide an ideal combination of neutrality and objectivity, extensive experience in many types of projects in service companies, and the ability to understand Project Management tools.

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