Improving the order receiving, picking and dispatch processes of a warehouse management system (WMS)


Our client is one of the leading companies in the online sale of consumer products in Spain.

It is considered within the online sales sector as one of the companies with the highest volume of orders and with the highest growth, which is why the Technology Department has decided to take a step forward in improving the processes of receiving, preparing and dispatching orders from its warehouse management system (WMS).

The project required taking the lead in the software maintenance service (Warehouse Management System) to carry out corrective, evolutionary and improvement tasks.

For this Kiteris provided its experience in:

  • Technological knowledge (.NET Core, Vue.js, interfaces with Kardex).
  • The management of maintenance services (AMS) based on ITIL technologies.

Thanks to the experience of Kiteris in this type of services, we were able to anticipate and solve the most common problems:

  • The tight times in the functional evolutionary caused by business needs.
  • The transfer of functional knowledge from the Client to Kiteris that must be carried out in parallel to the service.

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