We aim to create a culture of analytics within companies by applying good practices and using effective technological solutions in business intelligence.

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  • We convert our clients’ data into TANGIBLE ASSETS, rationally and throughout the whole organisation, in a progressive, high-quality process.
  • We view projects as the result of all the steps and iterations (sprints) that enable us to deliver fast results and apply continuous improvement.
  • We adapt project strategy to the client, whilst retaining an agile approach and deploying mixed provider-client working teams.
Build far-reaching, robust, and scalable solutions.
Work on agile projects that deliver results quickly.
Prove the usefulness of the solution in decision-making.
Make the analysis, diagnosis, and decision-making process intuitive and quick.
Electricity sector analysis
  • Marketing margin calculation.
  • Perfect alignment between company accounting data and the running of operations and sales.
  • Commercial tariffs results analysis: tracking of predicted and real results of changes caused by offering new tariffs or adjusting existing tariffs.
  • Follow-up on policy implementation: sales campaign results in margins, client portfolio, and revenue.
  • Continuous improvement of data quality: monitoring mechanisms.
  • Instilling a data culture in the organisation.
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