Tool for calculating and analyzing the margins of an electricity marketer.

From our experience in the electricity commercialization sector, we know the difficulty of obtaining a detailed analysis of the margin based on billing information that is diverse on dates and with a structure complex cost. With this solution, you will obtain a pre-closing of the marketing margin, saving time that currently goes into developing complex but insufficient cost controls.


  • Analyze the normalized results to the calendar month, reaching the detail of the CUPS
  • Anticipate as much as possible thanks to the estimation of invoices and tolls pending issuance
  • Reinvest the time of your energy management experts in detailed analysis by CUPS dimensions, commercial product, contract characteristics, etc
  • Enjoy it in SaaS version or as an on-premise solution in your own data center

Available with NEMON TRADE ENERGY at SaaS

ERPs of ASEME on-premise companies

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